1 onion, finely sliced

Shaoxing cooking wine

1 chilli of your choice

1 big pepper

Some carrots

Local honey

MSG (optional, but highly encouraged)

Leftovers from the fridge

Pak choi, or any general Asian green

Noodles – Yang’s Noods

Two Nods Smokey Chipotle Peanut Butter

Hot water

Spring onion

Start by frying the onion till translucent over a medium high heat, taking acre not to let it burn. Then Deglaze with Shaoxing cooking wine. 

Add the chilli, pepper, and carrots to the pan, tossing often. 

Drizzle over your honey, and sprinkle MSG if using. 

Toss in your leftovers, cutting down if required. Everything should be about the same size for ease. 

Add the greens right at the end to prevent overcooking and retain some crunch. 

Cook the noodles to the instructions. 

Create a Smokey Chipotle Peanut Butter slurry by adding some hot hot water to the peanut butter, and mixing. First it will split and go weird, then you will achieve a sauce. Don’t fear adding more water, but slowly. 

Toss in the noodles and sauce to the stiry fry mix. 

Taste, season accordingly. 

Top with the finely sliced spring onion.