Or peanut butter & jam sandwich, if you’re not from the good ol’ US of A. For those of us that aren’t, we know the staple from tv growing up. The flavour combination gets better when you use top tier jam. Our favourite is Single Variety Co.’s Sonata Strawberry, made using fine British strawberries.

 Lather of Two Nods Chunky Peanut Butter

Extra-large knife-ful of your favourite or nearest jam

Two pieces of bread – brioche if you like sweet, sourdough if you like mess, white bread if your local bakery is out.

Spread the nut butter on one piece, the jam on the other. Carefully and quickly put the jam piece on the peanut piece. As you press down, watch as it oozes out the sides. 

Always cut into triangles, you get a better crust to bread ratio.